artisanal jam – waste fight

Hello everyone, I’m Sandra Ramaye, founder of the plant processing company called “Cuisine Peï” now “Gardali”. For more information, click here.

It is a corporate citizenship that also aims to be a tool to fight food waste. Some observations and behaviors as well as my aversion to waste naturally lead me to work for this cause more than important today for our planet and our health. So I decided to create my company to enhance waste and more precisely fruits and vegetables through homemade jam. I am able to provide this answer because transforming I have always done it! It’s innate in my house, and they call me “Geo finds everything”.

Married to a Reunion islander and settled on the island since 2015. Reunion and its culture have adopted me with open arms. Amazed by its lush and abundant nature, for me it was the trigger to launch myself into a new challenge: to link my desire to change my professional life and my passion for jams. In addition, being a mom reinforces this motivation because I want to pass on healthy eating habits to my daughter and she adopts a consummer-actress behavior.

Making jams came naturally to me from a very young age. Create, innovate, play with colors, flavors, scents, what a pleasure! And, I dare say, my entourage greatly appreciate them! It is also about the desire to transform what is considered ugly, as a waste. Give her back a beauty. In everything I see, there’s beauty. I want to highlight what’s beautiful. If it is not seen, I transform it so that it’s visible to the naked eye, and tasteful !

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artisanal jamfight waste