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Ecology – Transmission – Valorization – Collaboration

ecology transmission valorization collaboration
* A respectful of nature and local jam


First, waste must become an added value by processing products normally destined to be discarded. Such a project helps to develop the self-sufficiency of Reunion since it meets an ecological, societal and economic need. One of the main objectives is to limit waste in order to beautify the environment. We have to take care of our planet.


In today’s world, it is the well-being of all of us to educate our children to adopt a reasoned consumption. It is all the more important to share our knowledge and know-how of recovery and transformation. In addition, it will arouse passions, it is always interesting to link the useful to the pleasant.


The processing of products to be discarded contributes not only to food self-sufficiency but also to the financial wealth of our region.
Such an initiative encourages local consumption. Thus Gardali allows to reconnect with the roots of Reunion and to rediscover the taste of “lon tan” and natural products.


It is essential to work hand in hand with all the players in the chain. In order to join my fight, click here, and if you want to know who has already taken part in my adventure click here.

Ecology – Transmission – Valorization – Collaboration

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