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The fight against food waste in a few figures

In metropolitan France, about 10 million tonnes of food are thrown away each year. I thought it was time to act quickly. It is even more alarming and incomprehensible when we become aware of the growing food insecurity that threatens our country. In addition, the negative effects of the large-scale food industry must be taken into account. That is to say: overconsumption, depletion of resources, pollution and therefore global warming! Clearly, nothing good for our planet…

For information know that producing a tomato requires 13 liters of water!

Some of this waste is due to some professionals. But it is up to us too, as a responsible citizen to act!

fight against food waste
basket of vegetables picked up
fight against food waste
preparation in progress

Waste in Reunion

In Reunion, 30-40% of the food goes to the trash every year! While our island is often suffering from agricultural drought because of our climate. Reunion has a higher poverty line and unemployment rate than in metropolitan France. A fight against food waste would create more jobs, combat malnutrition, and provide so many other benefits.

The finding is all the more alarming for fruits and vegetables. 45% of production is wasted. An unacceptable percentage that I intend to bring down on our beautiful island! Thanks to Gardali and its products!

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