Our home-made products

jams, compotes,… artisanal manufacturing

At Gardali, the flavours of our products change regularly because we never harvest the same fruits and vegetables, nor the same quantities. And all this is done with scrupulous respect for the seasons. Find the 5 steps of the manufacturing process used for our jams, soups, compotes, chili pasta.

jams compotes massalés artisanal

“Jam is often a resourceful thing. We make homemade jam, we don’t know what we’re going to create. We have to adapt, to deal with what we are brought back.” This diversity of products and quantities leads to the development of original recipes such as apple-courgette jam or apple sweet potato jam.

Here are our key ingredients:

  • pineapple (Victoria of course),
  • papaya, tangor (orange kréol or koné sa?),
  • Chayote
  • Jacques (or Jackier for the experts),
  • lychee
  • mango (the must-have),
  • combava, Zevi (well-promised walls)
  • and plenty of other fruits and vegetables to discover.
jams compotes massalés artisanal
Zucchini & apple jam
melon & banana jam
melon & banana jam
jams compotes massalés artisanal
mango and ginger jam
jams compotes massalés artisanal
tomato jam
pineapple and chilli jam
pineapple and chilli jam
jams compotes massalés artisanal
melon & lemongrass jam

For even more flavours we advise you to taste our jams with pancakes or waffles (homemade of course!).

Our list of allergens is available. They are shown in bold on the packaging of our products.

Where to find jams, compotes,… artisanal manufacturing?

Now that you’ve heard of Gardali, you have water in your mouth. Thankfully, without making you wait any longer, I explain how it is possible to find my homemade products. Indeed, several alternatives are available to you:

  • The possibility of home delivery within a certain sector,
  • The products are also available from our partner SP Fruits and Vegetables in St Louis, 100 D Lambert street SAINT LOUIS 97450.

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